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If you are a new business owner, have recently acquired a large commercial premises, or currently own commercial, industrial or institutional premises with a large number of key users, it might be time to reassess your security systems.

We would recommend an update of your keying system to ensure the highest level of security if this has not been ad­dressed within the last 5 years, or even more recently if you belong to an organisation where a high level of security is of the utmost importance. An assessment of your current level of security is also an excellent idea if the system has been in place for a substantial amount of time and there is no longer any record of the number of keys which have been dis­pensed, the keys present location, or even the total number of key users.

At Statewide Locksmiths we can organise for a survey of your premises and assess what works may need to be un­dertaken to address security and access issues, and where required make recommendations on security systems and innovations which may suit your needs.

We offer restricted systems to ensure the release of keys only to authorised owners or managers of the organisation, all of which is managed from our offices through high security software. We offer a number of different styles of security systems for different requirements.

These include:

High Security Restricted Keying Systems:

Inline Systems

These are restricted six pin inline keying systems developed to suit the security needs of small to medium size organisations. They are protected under design registration and offer Pick and Drill Protection.

EVVA Systems:

In contrast, EVVA is one of the newer styles of high-security keying systems and is a unique, patented pinning and sidebar system. EVVA has high-security, anti-pick, anti-bump sliders made from Teflon impregnated nickel silver. They are protected by hardened sidebar blocking pins and a key control hook pin. In the front of the cylinder we have hardened steel pins to protect the cylinder against attacks. Large organisations with a large number of external locks and cylinders, which require higher levels of security are suited to the installation of a system of this kind.

BiLock Systems:

Bilock is a high-security keying system & is bump proof, pick resistant, and drill resistant. The Bilock cylinder uses a patented locking system with two sidebars, 12 pins and 12 springs. In the New Generation Bilock a trigger pin has been added to increase security and extend the registered design of the product. Due to the lack of the traditional top pins, lock-bumping is rendered theoretically impossible.

CyberLock Electronic Keying Systems:

This type of keying system is the most innovative at present and we are currently one of a few authorised agents and installers of this style of system in Victoria, with perhaps the most experience in this area. Where high security is required, the CyberLock system is advantageous as access permissions can easily be restricted for every key user. Keys can be adapted to work only during specific hours and can be eliminated if a key is lost. This increases security immensely. The system also allows management to monitor key usage and entry activity through the use of audit trails, thus effectively keeping control of key assets & reducing stock losses. The cylinders themselves are also tamper and picking proof and are drill resistant.

Key Management

As well as adjusting current key systems or installing new systems, we can organise key management software for your organisation.

If you are a large organisation with a large number of employees or contractors we would also recommend the use of Promaster Key Manager 7, to assist in the ordering and management of keys within the system. You can link directly with any locksmith using this software. This allows you to easily order additional keys by email. Also, key management software ensures that you are able to keep an inventory of keys in your control, know who has been issued keys, where each key can access, who can access specific doors, and quickly see which doors may have been compromised from lost keys. In larger systems such as the one proposed for Parks Victoria, such information is invaluable, particularly with staff turnover and expanding systems.

Some of our Corporate Clients include:


The Arts Centre Melbourne




Eastern Health


Cadbury Schweppes


The Salvation Army


SITA Environmental Solutions




Wesley Mission

To discuss the correct style of keying system for your company or investigate key management software, please contact our Service department on (03) 9739 5555 or via [email protected]