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Today new generation security involves the incorporating of electronics into not only security systems but keys and locking devices.


Electronic solutions are now a common feature in the automotive industry, hospitality, commercial,
educational institutions and now even residential environments.

We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers of the new, up and coming hardware which assist in
increased security and management control. Electronic solutions were once thought to be too expensive to
consider, but with the fast pace of technology and innovations, these solutions can now be considered a very
cost effective and long term solution for many environments.

Automobile manufacturers use remote control door locks and electronic transponder keys.

Companies of all sizes have started using card access systems (as seen in hotels), and now the new “smart key” locks are emerging as the technology of choice for small businesses, short term rentals and even residential environments.

The benefits of electronic keying systems include:


Increased Security:

No worrying about lost keys or people making and sharing unauthorised duplicate keys. Keys can be adapted to work only during specific hours and can be eliminated off the system if a key is lost. Any hardware associated is also tamper and picking proof and available with drill resistant features.


Increased Management Control:

You can track the comings and goings and control all after hours access. The system also allows management to monitor key usage and entry activity through the use of audit trails, thus effectively keeping control of key assets.


Reduced Operating Costs:

By eliminating lock re-keying charges, your security operating costs are greatly reduced.

For more information about electronic systems and their installation, and how they may suit your needs please call (03) 9739 5555, or email [email protected]